Welcome ladies & gentlemen to our 2017/2018 season. I am delighted to be President of AAOC this year when we will be rehearsing and performing Summer Holiday. We rehearse during the winter months so by February we will all be ready for our own Summer Holiday.

AAOC is a wonderful company to be part of. We all share a passion for musicals, singing, dancing and performing but also love a good party. Our social committee & fund raising team always make sure there are plenty of events organised throughout the year to keep the party candle lit.

We are delighted to welcome a few new members this year Katy Brown, Chloe Docherty, Laura Marr, Claire Morrison & Joanna Woodburn and hope they will enjoy being part of our aaoc family.

Of course we couldn't put on a show without everyone who works tirelessly in the background. Our production team of Martin Christie, JoAnn Robinson & Lynne Bradley are second to none and we are delighted to welcome a new musical director this year - Grant Walsh. He has already got us singing in tune so he must be doing something right!

We couldn't put on a show without an audience to come and see us so thank you all for your continued support 😀