Become A Member

Become a member of the AAOC family!

Potential AAOC members who wish to join are required to audition to become part of the Company. You will be required to perform one song and a short piece of dialogue in front of three members of the Committee and appropriate members of the Production Team. Choose a song you are comfortable with and know off by heart. Relax, we’ve all been through it before! You will be accompanied by piano if you supply your own sheet music, however a CD player will be available if you have a backing track.

Please note that for 2019 intake, we are only auditioning for men to join the Company, due to high numbers of women already taking part. However, we may still be looking for women to join us in future years, so please keep an eye on our social media for later announcements!

A successful audition will allow entry into the annual show, our concert party and all social/fundraising events.

The age limit for membership is 16 years or over. Fill out the below application form and we will get back to you at our earliest opportunity.

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Subscription Fees:

Playing members taking part in annual show £60 p/a. Non Playing members not taking part in annual show £30 (for those who wish to participate as members of the society, for example helping backstage, front of house or helping with props/costumes).